“A best practice is a method or technique that has consistently shown results superior to those achieved with other means, and that is used as a benchmark. In addition, a “best” practice can evolve to become better as improvements are discovered.”

Raccoons are the embodiment of Best Practice. As circumstances change, so do their skills. They are constantly evolving their skills in order to get the food they want, while minimizing risk factors in a wide range of habitats. If the old way proves ineffective, it is changed immediately. Only the new and most effective way is taught to their cubs.


  • Raccoons are smart enough to pick locks, memorize symbols, and count to four.
  • They can hunt, fish and forage. Whatever the situation calls for, they can do it. 
  • They love a challenge. Don’t want to feed them, so you’ve bought one of those “impossible” garbage cans? They see it as a puzzle to crack, and think of a clever solution. Ultimately, they come out of the situation smarter because of it.

raccoon image



  • Humans are already smarter than raccoons, so you’ve got a head start! Exercise your mind each day to keep it sharp.
  • Have an arsenal of skills – whatever the situation calls for, you can do it. It will provide you with jobs, promotions and confidence. Sign up for my courses or those of others to acquire the skills you need. 
  • What worked in the past, might not work now. Don’t shy away from a challenge or something new. Meet it head on, and next time it won’t seem so scary because you’ll have learned something about the challenge and something about yourself.

Here at Best Practice, our mission is to turn every man, woman and child into a geek. i.e.) Technology-loving individuals who have the tools to shape their own future.

Technology is the future, and those who are literate will be granted opportunities others are not. Learning in-demand skills will enable you to apply for more jobs, receive promotions, start your own business, or contract out your services. Don’t get left behind, start shaping your future today! 


suzanne louisSuzanne Louis is an independent marketing consultant, currently working for for 1CRM Corp – a leading CRM company with 16 years experience and providing their software worldwide.  Suzanne spends her work days creating landing pages, blogging, recording animated promotional videos and screen demonstrations, maintaining various Social Media Networks, tracking advertising campaigns, and devising new and creative Marketing Strategies.

Suzanne studied Marketing at the University of Toronto and Social Science at the University of Ottawa. She has taken many courses by the Google Analytics Academy to become an expert in the fundamentals of Google Analytics, and continues to explore any material she can get her hands on, to stay on the cutting edge of marketing.
  • Originally trained as a teacher, Suzanne is the author of a book entitled 100 Ways to Teach your Kids with Fruit. This book provides a 100 lesson curriculum of at-home activities that parents can engage in with their child. Teaching Art & Drama, English & History, Mathematics, Nature & Science, using every day objects such as fruit.
  • Combining her passions for teaching and marketing, Suzanne has authored online courses on Marketing, and currently has over 2300 students.
  • Suzanne revamped the web presence for 1CRM Corp. by creating a brand new website and blog, managing their social media network profiles, creating promo & instructional videos, and taking charge of the advertising budget, content, and placement. As a result, leads went up by 600%, their Alexa rating went up by over 200,000, and profits are consistently on the rise.
Want to know more? Contact Suzanne today!

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